Building Cycling Confidence


Educational Programs


Great Bikes

  • Ride Strider Balance Bikes

  • Designed to learn balance before pedaling

  • Children learn to ride on 2 wheels from the start: building confidence & bike handling skills

  • Enables development of spatial awareness, balance, and motor skills


Great Program & Foundation

  • 30 - 45 min weekly class

  • Low ratios ensures maximum focus to support success

  • Nationally developed program: 20+ years of proven value

  • Largest bike education program in US




Core Values

Focused on sport & values

  • Self Confidence - success with balance & movement

  • Creativity - communication & games

  • Responsibility - safety & road awareness

  • Respect - road, bike, coaches, and teammates


The Coaches


At Crazy Cadence we love riding bikes, and we love to inspire kids to ride. Our mission is to offer professional, reliable, and progressive coaching, as we seek to empower kids with the ability to cycle confidently and safely. We will coach kids in balance, coordination, and motor skills through the use of Strider Balance Bikes.


Coach amie

Amie is a triathlon, cycling and running coach with specialization with kids. A mom of two kids under 10, she has lots of experience working with kids of all ages



Ashley is a Middle School Phys Ed teacher in addition to being a triathlon, biking and soccer coach. He brings a love of sport ensuring all children have a great time. 


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